Tuesday, September 15, 2015

How Spinning Can Help Your Running, aka I Love Spin!

I used to despise biking.  On my runner's legs, it was hard.  When I graduated grad school and had a real person job, I bought a bike that actually fit me and biking became a little better, but it was definitely not my favorite.

Enter one of my BFFs, Katie.  She gave me a free pass to join her at Lifetime and talked me into my first spin class.

It was love at first spin. (sight?)

The rest is history.  My spin class on Monday nights is something I look forward to every week.  For me, it is the perfect way to spend one of my days off from running.

Not only is spin class fun (the music is the best part), but it also can help your running!

Spinning can make you stronger without the impact! It is easier on the muscles and joints.  You can make it a strength workout by adding on the resistance.  Spinning also helps reduce your risk of injury as it works different muscles than running does.  Working out these muscles can help decreased muscle imbalances and make you a better overall runner.

Spinning is a great interval workout that activates both slow-twitch and fast-twitch muscle fibers.  A typical spin class changes workouts by song.  One song could work on low resistance and high speed, another could be rolling hills, and the next could be sprints.  The constant changes in focus, speed and resistance makes me push and give it my all for that one song knowing a (very short) rest is coming up.

Spinning has been shown to improve 10K race times by 9% and 5K race times by 3%.   Those numbers are huge! They could mean the difference between a PR or a near miss.

Recent studies have shown a correlation between foot cadence when running and pedal strike cadence while spinning.  Higher pedal stroke may lead to a higher foot cadence.  With your feet turning over faster, there is less time spent in contact with the ground and lower chance for injury.

Spin class also comes in handy when the weather is miserable.  When it's rainy or cold and snowy, I don't feel guilty substituting a run for a tough spin class.  Spin class (or riding my spin bike at home) always makes me feel like I'd had a good workout.

Do you cross train? What do you like to do?

What is the longest you've been sore from spin class? 2 days! Ouch!


  1. ohhhh I love spin! i wish i could afford a gym or class pass or something so i could do it more. i miss it!


    1. Spin class is great because all you need to do is follow the instructor. But outside biking has it beat (for me at least). I love being outside!

  2. I just got back from spin class. We have an awesome instructor. I have been running 4 miles to the gym, take a spin class, and then run back home. I feel so good when I get home. Have a great day

    1. Wow! That's an awesome routine you have going on there!

  3. Hey Meghan! What is your email? Wanted to send you something :)

    1. Tina! I'm in blogger shock to have an awesome runner like you stop by! I sent you an email!

    2. It's getoffyourbuttandrun@gmail.com