Thursday, March 19, 2015

Easy Runs

In my training plan there are 2-3 "easy" runs planned a week.  

What exactly is an easy run pace? For me, I just try to slow the pace and keep things comfortable.  Somedays my pace is faster and the next it could be a whole minute slower.  

Here are a couple of great articles addressing the easy day pace:

Easy day pacing has always been something that I found difficult. I know I can run faster and push harder, why would my training plan limit me?  I've found that as I've progressed with my running and seen the results and improvements in mile times, I am becoming more trusting in my training plan.

On that note, here is my training these past two days:

10 easy miles

It took my a couple of miles for my legs to feel ready to go and once I found my groove I was off.  I ran on my favorite limestone trails.  My legs felt fresh at the end of this run so I pushed the pace for the last two miles at 7:54 and 7:45.

5 easy miles

I took it even slower and ran without music for this run.  Sometimes though slower miles feel harder than a faster pace.  I was glad to finish this one.

Someone must be having tired sympathy pains:

Do you find easy runs difficult?  What is your favorite run on your training plan?

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