Sunday, September 6, 2015

Sunday Runday

This morning I woke up looking forward to my run.  I work up determined to finish the long run that I had planned.  Probably due to the fact that running has been at the bottom of the priority list lately.

I woke up, I drank only ONE cup of coffee (that's completely unheard of), and I was out the door.

With the Fox Valley Half Marathon two weeks away, my goal was to run 13.1 miles simulating as close to race pace as possible.  While running the full distance around goal pace is not necessary (and frowned upon by some runners), this was the run that I needed today.

13.1 miles

This run was a huge confidence boost.  I definitely struggled with pacing near the beginning and end, but it was refreshing to see sub-8 minutes miles again. I ran just above my goal pace but I was still encouraged by the paces I did hit.  I am looking forward to the half on September 20 and knocking my goal pace out of the park!

I really need that shirt....

The rest of the today is being spent shopping, going out to Two Brother's Brewery for lunch, and hanging out with these two cuties:

How was your long run this weekend?


  1. Great run!! That is a cute shirt. :) Cuddling with fur babies is the best way to relax after a hard run. Enjoy!

    1. Cuddling with fur babies is the best. Period.

  2. That is such a great run! It's always good to have a confidence boost this close to race time. Sounds like you put in a ton of work and now you just have to rest up and have a great race :) Great shirt as well!

    1. It definitely is. I'm excited to put my training to the test next weekend!