Monday, September 14, 2015

Weekly Rundown and Monday Motivation

This week went by crazy fast and I'm hoping this week is the same. I can't wait for Fox Valley Half Marathon on Sunday!

Rest.  Labor day parties > run

Back strength training.  I was sore for about two days after this workout.


It took  me until Thursday to really find time to run this week.  That makes me sad, but then I think about the 90 degree heat turning into pouring rain and it's not that sad.

6 miles


I had a great run Saturday in perfect weather.
10 miles 

Saturday ended up being full of cleaning, shopping, cooking and wine drinking.

That is a good thing to remember for Sunday.

Sunday Runday!  I wanted to get in one more long run before next weekend.  Time was tight as I was finishing up the cooking and cleaning for our Bears season opener party, but I can just about always make time for running.

Running as a female is always an interesting experience between the honks and the catcalls.  Today I ran into a competitive male runner that just did not want to be out run by a girl.  He passed me at my fifth mile, which was all good by me.  I needed to save my legs for 7 more miles.  Just over a mile down the path, he was running slow uphill and I was closing in.  We both had the same turnaround point and he noticed me closing in.  He took off up the hill while I continued to maintain my pace.  Another mile down the trail I had caught up to the point of me passing him and as soon as I did, he picked up his pace.  I was tired of the cat and mouse chase so I picked up it for a while to get some distance between us.  10 minutes past by and here he was again.  This time I let him go.  He passed me again.... and he tripped and fell.


It took a lot of energy to hold it together and not burst out laughing.

I'd say he got what he deserved for his poor running etiquette.

12 miles

Less than 6 days until the Fox Valley Marathon and I can't wait to run fast (for me)!

What are you looking forward to this week?


  1. I am looking forward to some great runs and strength training. I would have laughed at him, but I am just mean, not really. Great job on your runs

  2. Yay for karma! I love that sign "Only a sh!tload of miles left" haha. That's great. I took most of this week off but then ran 18 miles this past weekend (longest distance ever) so I feel good. Nothing wrong with rest days. I'm really looking forward to my first half of the season this Sunday. I'm doing the Montreal RnR. Also I'm looking forward to have a legitimate excuse for taking rest days before and after it. =D

  3. bahahahah thats so funny. i mean, i hope he's okay and not injured bc of it.... but i love when guys cant handle getting chicked! I never chick people because I'm slow, but I have some fast friends and man I love when they just kick ass. I need to start working out more again! it's been so damn hot....