Saturday, September 12, 2015

Things From My Saturday

The season opener of the Chicago Bears is tomorrow and we are having friends and family over to watch it.  My day has been filled with cleaning, grocery shopping, heading to the farmer's market, and cooking.

First things first, today started with a 10 mile run.

10 miles

It was a perfect 50 degree day which made this pace feel awesome.  My pace felt easy and relaxed until about the 9th mile when my legs started to fatigue. And then the tenth felt good again.  Very strange.  I hoping next week is cool like today!

After a quick shower I headed to the farmer's market to pick up honey and some fruits and veggies.

While walking around I got my first Pumpkin Spice Latte of the year!

When I got home I started cleaning the house.  

How much wine is an appropriate amount for cleaning?

Time is winding down for watermelons.  And it's very sad.

While out in San Fransisco we joined a wine club in Sonoma.  Our first shipment arrived yesterday!

Puppy cuddles are the best way to end the day.

Do you like wine? Red or white?

What's your favorite coffee at Starbucks?


  1. I never ever thought I'd say this... But I am so envious of your 50 degree weather!!! It was 72 at 4am, and that was the coldest it would be today. Currently 95. Over it! I'm over it.

    At sbux I tend to get either just iced coffee unsweetened or a small blonde roast, also unsweetened. I'm boring haha

    1. I love when the weather cools down to the 50s or 60s. That is perfect running weather to me! 90 degrees is just way too hot for running and comfort.

  2. Cranking out that tenner! Nice :)

    Thanks so much for commenting today. I was an idiot and deleted it instead of publishing it :(

    Next time you're in Napa/Sonoma....Cosentino. Great wine!

  3. I love most wine, but I usually go with red. Smart move to drink while cleaning the house! Although I would probably give up the cleaning after a glass or two of wine:)

  4. I like wine, and what I drink depends on what we are having for dinner! I don't know if I'd get much cleaning done if I was drinking wine..