Sunday, March 22, 2015

Spring (?) Break and a Long Run

Chicago weather is completely unpredictable.  Friday was a gorgeous and sunny 50 degree day. Today? 37 degrees and cloudy. Tomorrow we have an 80% chance of snow.

We love our weather variety here in Chicagoland.  You can have it all in one short week!

The pond by my house still has ice on it.

In February I decided to make a job change and accepted a position as a school-based Occupational Therapist.  Being in the school system was my original goal when I graduated with my masters in Occupational Therapy.  So far, I have definitely made the right choice! Amazing hours.  Kids!  And all the fun school holidays and vacations.

This is my first spring break since I graduated and a wonderful perk of the job.

In running news...

Friday I had a crazy busy day at work and ended up not taking a lunch.  Because of this I moved Friday's run to yesterday.  A tempo run was planned

9 miles
2 miles easy, 2x 15 minutes@ HM pace (7:30/mile), 2 miles easy (ended up being 2.67 to make it a nice, even 9 miles)

Today was my long run.

16 miles
8:26/mile average 

Followed by the best sweet potato and coffee.  My perfect post run meal.

The rest of today will be spent enjoying having nothing to do.  This occurs very infrequently in our household. Peyton is already ahead of us on the relaxing....

Happy Sunday!

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