Thursday, October 8, 2015

A Three Part Run

First, some randomness for Thursday....

Most importantly, CUBS WIN! We won our wild card game against the Pirates and are off to face the Cardinals in the playoffs!

Fall is upon us!  And it's really freaking pretty.

Jenga was the game of choice today for my occupational therapy kiddos.

 Augie likes to watch while I use the treadmill.

 I'm onto the next race following the Fox Valley Half Marathon.  I will be running the Naperville Half Marathon on November 8!

Speaking of the Fox Valley Half Marathon, I have yet to remove my timing chip from my shoe.

 And now to yesterday's three part run.

We've had good running weather around here lately.  I was able to leave work a little early and I got ready to run as soon as I got home.  I flew through 8 miles.  Isn't it funny how one day running can be miserable and the next it's effortless? 

8.25 miles

Part one of my run was easy breezy.

I got home, picked up Peyton, and I was off again for part 2.  If I thought I was flying before, Peyton changed that perception.  

3 miles

Seriously? 3 sub-7 minute miles AFTER running 8 miles?

That little 20 pound dog is insanely fast.  If anyone is looking to do some speedwork  Peyton would love to join in.

Part three was my cool down (finally) thanks to Augie who, instead of running with Peyton's focus, chews on her leash instead.

And they are done for the night.

Tell me something from your Thursday!

Do you run with your dog?

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