Thursday, June 18, 2015

Thursday Rambles

I wasn't able to get out of work today, but my brother went down to the parade to see the Blackhawks.  I'm super jealous.

I have been so exhausted this week.  Thankfully I have a 3 day weekend.  I'm hoping to finally get some consistent running in as well.

I'm fresh out of Kombucha.  Time to make stop for a shopping spree for $3 bottles of tea.  I told Chris the cost of each bottle and his jaw dropped.  While it is pricey, it keeps my stomach happy.  I aim for one every other day.


I spy a puppy foot.

These three are the best of friends.

Tell me something random about your day.


  1. Random about my day?? uhhh...

    I noticed a service charge on my checking account. When I went to the bank to clear it up it turns out my checking account was so old they couldn't find any information on what kind it was. Not even in paper form. I had opened the account like 3 mergers ago. I had to get a new account.

    1. Ha! That is an old account. That's strange the bank wouldn't transfer it over automatically.

  2. A three-day weekend sounds great right now! Enjoy :)

    Something random about my day - I rescued 25 baby frogs from being eaten by birds as they tried to get back into the pond.