Sunday, June 28, 2015

Weekend Round-Up

This week went by crazy fast and the weekend felt like it went by even faster!  Finding the time to blog this week was non-existent, but there's always time for workouts!

I took one of the hardest spin classes I've ever been at.  We did a lot of hill climbing and a lot of sprints.  My calves were sore for two days after! After spin I used a few of the weight machines and did lat pull downs, rows, and cable tricep presses.

Chris was home from work meaning I could run as soon as I got home! I fit in 6 miles while he watched the dogs.

6 miles

Wednesday was a rainy day so I stayed in and walked on the treadmill.  I fit in 3 miles while watching Orange is the New Black.  I also did bicep curls, shoulder presses, and tricep presses.  I'm trying to fit in strength training more consistently, so doing strength training twice this week is huge!

This was my fourth day of working and really wanted to run right after work.  I walked the dogs around the neighborhood and trustingly left them while I ran.

5 miles

When I got home the dogs had barely moved from the carpet.  While leaving them loose in the house will not happen again for some time, it's good to know they can behave while unsupervised!  Peyton and I took a short walk about the neighborhood after dinner, as well.

Flurries or snow showers? I think the Weather Channel was a little drunk on Thursday....

In between corraling two dogs and cleaning the house I managed to fit in a good run.

6 miles

After my run I spent the majority of the day on the couch watching True Blood on HBO Go with these two ladies.

Puppy cuddles are the best.

Peyton and I took advantage of the nice day and took a long walk.  We ended up walking just over 5 miles.  Chris and I went to one of our all time favorite restaurants for dinner: Rock Bottom.  I ordered my first ever stout! I love all different varieties of beers, though have never been a fan of stouts.  One of the best things about Rock Bottom is that they left you taste a beer before ordering a full glass.  The menu listed the stout with chocolate and coconut flavors and I had to have it.  Anything with coconut is good in my book!  I may have to try more stouts and darker beers in the future.

I really wanted to get a long run in today.  I went on my favorite 12 mile out and back path and committed to taking my time to make sure I finished the route.  My legs felt better than I had thought and I ended up only stopping for water breaks. Fun fact: that route has 4 water fountains. 4!

12 miles

Nothing like running past a farmer tending to his corn to make you feel like you live in the middle of nowhere.


I came home to this.

They love each other.

Last, but not least, a picture from the dog beach last weekend.  Peyton loved running in the sand and we will be going back soon!

How was your weekend?


  1. 4 water fountains?? So jealous. I am lucky to have 1. I usually end up hiding a water bottle along the way.

  2. There's no better feeling than feeling sore after a spin class!!

  3. Stout with coconut? I don't know what they'd make of that in Ireland.... I like stout, and I like coconut, but together?

  4. I'm so jealous that you have found a path with 4 water fountain! That's a runners dream!