Wednesday, July 15, 2015

5 Tips for Running in the Afternoon

I am a PM runner.

I find it easier to head out the door after getting home from work than trying to run before.  Waking up for work is hard enough for me without trying to get up even earlier to hit the pavement. 

Running the in afternoon may actually be the ideal time of day for our bodies.  Our body's core temperature and lung function peak in the middle of the day. 

Running in the afternoon, however, presents its own challenges such as after work fatigue, higher temperatures, and a laundry list of to-do items. Here are five tips that can help you beat the afternoon slump and decreased motivation.

1. Have your clothes ready for when you get home.  I have a million things I need to do when I get home, and if I'm pulling out my running clothes and gear, I can easily get distracted and before I know it run out of running time. 

2. Head out as soon as you get home.  When I get home from work I quickly walk the dogs and then immediately head out the door.  If I sit down for even a short moment, I have a hard time getting back up.  Stay motivated for your afternoon run by writing down your run in your calendar, tell a friend your running plans or read some of your favorite blogs on your lunch break!

3.  Hydrate throughout your day.

4. Eat lunch about 2-3 hours before you plan to go out.  Make lunch your main meal with proteins and whole grains to fuel yourself for your run.

5. Give your body at least 10 minutes to warmup to the run.  Try to plan a run you enjoy after work, such as your favorite route or by interesting scenery.  Don't plan your hardest speed workout right after a hard day of work.  Adjust your running schedule to boost your motivation for heading out the door as soon as you get home.

Do you prefer to run morning, afternoon, or night?

What is the longest you have run after work?
--I've managed 12 miles once.  10 is my happy maximum.


  1. I'm totally a morning runner because of my inability to adhere to tips 2, 3, and 4 haha. I will ALWAYS procrastinate an evening workout, my beverages change from water (in the morning) to hot chocolate/tea in the afternoon (hot drinks make me tired), and usually I'm eating all the time, so I'm too full to go! I think the longest I've ever done after work is 6.

    1. I find I procrastinate in the morning more than the afternoon/evening. I always have to watch my food because I could snack all day and then ruin my running plans.

  2. I have tried to be a morning runner. It would be soo convenient and especially would help with the heat living in Illinois. The reasons are simple. I almost never get up in time. Most importantly I don't have the energy I do after work. My morning workouts are weak. My best time of working out have been right after work . Stopping at the gym on the way hope worked very well. Deal with the days frustration and I would have a lot of energy. Then I would get home hungry in time to make a nice dinner.

    1. Agreed. I always find something in the morning to do that distracts me and before I know it it's after 10. During the summer I do try to go earlier.

  3. There are only two ways I can really get myself to run after work. 1. Make plans with a friend to run later (accountability) or 2. Change into my running clothes at work and go running from here aka not going home first.