Tuesday, July 28, 2015

My Inaugural Track Tuesday (soccer boys optional)

Welcome to my first every (and hopefully not only) Track Tuesday!
I made a fancy sign and everything. It better not be the last.

My last training cycle incorporated speed work into my daily runs.  I'm trying to change that routine and actually get out to run on the track.  Nothing beats knowing exactly where to stop and end without checking your Garmin.

Nothing like a black track in the middle of summer.  Holy heat!

I am definitely no track expert, so I put together some random intervals that looked good and off I went!

Pureflows and spandex shorts to make me feel faster.

I jogged to the track as part of my warm-up and then walked/jogged home as my cool down.

Here are my splits:

2 x 1200 (4:56, 5:03)
2 x 800 (3:10, 3:24)
2 x 400 (1:26, 1:34)
Average HR: 167 BPM

I ended up with 9 miles total between warm-up, track workout, and cool down.

Unfortunately I choose to do my track workout as soon as men's soccer practice was starting at the local high school.  They were at the age where they hadn't learned to discretely check someone out.  It was more blatant stares.  I guess it's a learned skill.

I stretched once I was done (you're welcome soccer boys) and headed home.  Next time I'm driving to the track.  My legs were spent.

The rest of my day involves going to the dog park, catching up on sleep (I slept horribly last night!), and eating.  Track sessions work up an appetite!

I also have to deal with this. Princess Butt and the Pea.

Peyton is living the dream.

Do you run at the track?

Give me a new track workout to try!

Do your animals love blankets and pillows as much as Peyton does?


  1. I actually laughed out loud at the 'you're welcome soccer boys' line about stretching. I don't run on the track but I really feel like I need to start working it into my routine. I hope you post more on track workouts. You can probably find some good ones on Pinterest.

    1. Track was actually a lot of fun if you're into that legs burning and I can't wait til I'm done feeling. I'm going to try to stick with it because I know it will help me in the long run! I'm going to scour pinterest now for track workouts!

  2. ha ha, nothing helps a runner feel more self conscious than blatant stares.. I used that Rich Roll podcast for tonight's run, thought I'd better give you the credit, so you've got two links in the space of two days. Great interview about the endurance runners. I've now just bought her film, Desert Runners...

    1. I haven't listened to that one yet but now I will have to! My favorite so far has been his interview with Josh LaJaunie.

  3. I do speed work on Thursdays at the local retention pond. I do get weird looks from the old men on the bikes, but I'm older, so I think its more curiosity than anything...

    1. Haha! Some of the weird looks are the best too. Especially when you're doing speed work.

  4. Honestly, I think a lot of guys THINK they are discreet, but I don't think they ever TRULY are..