Monday, July 27, 2015

Motivation Monday and Weekly Mileage Mash-Up

I am officially running the Fox Valley Half Marathon on September 20.  I have had my eye on the race for a few years and I'm excited to actually be running it! The course is set along the Fox River starting in St. Charles, IL. I have 8 weeks to train and to get fast!

This week I felt back to normal with my running and exercise routine.  I found balance this week between work, running, weights, and cross training.

8 mile walk while listening to Rich Roll interview Fully Raw Kristina.  What I took away from this podcast included increasing the amount of whole, raw food in my diet and to eat locally to increase nutrition in produce. I took a 45 minute spin class in the early evening.  I ended up biking about 19 miles and it was a tough session! Following spin I did my regular back routine with lat pull-downs, rows, pull-ups, and cable tricep presses.

I ended up only being scheduled for a half day at work (yay for a surprise half day!!) and I was home by 1:30.  I left for my run around 3:00 and it was HOT! My goal was to run at least for an hour and to take my time due to the heat.  I ended up feeling pretty good and did my favorite 10 mile loop.

10 miles

I worked my biceps, triceps, and shoulders at home while watching Orange is the New Black.  I subbed for Chris's softball team Wednesday night and it was an epically long 12 inning game. It's even longer when you only are supposed to play 7 innings.


I'm working on making my easy runs truly easy.  It's a lot harder than it seems.  I'm currently reading a new training book, 80/20 Running, about running the majority of training runs and very few are speed work are race pace runs.

6 miles

I took another long walk today while listening to Rich Roll's podcast.  I ended up walking 6 miles despite it being very hot very early in the morning.

I ran my long run without a Garmin telling me each mile split.  I ran 14 miles in about 2 hours.

Miles Running: 30
Miles Walking: 14
Strength Training: 2!

Monday's motivation is the power of positive thinking.  I truly believe what the mind believes the body will follow. 

Happy Monday!

What was your longest run this week?

Do you listen to podcasts? Which ones?


  1. Good workouts! My longest run was a 12 miler on Sunday!

  2. Sometimes I listen to running podcasts (like Runners Connect). Last weeks long run was 9 miles...which will seem like nothing once I get into marathon training!

  3. I love podcasts- I don't listen to any music while I workout, only podcasts! I like the reality shows Big Brother and Survivor, so I listen to a couple podcasts about those two shoes. I also like Skeptoid, Criminal, Savage Lovecast, Fresh Air, Freakanomics, and Stuff You Missed in History Class.

    I just got done with my longest run this week- 7 miles. It was so hot out and the whole thing was tough. My goal is to get up early tomorrow and run the same distance before it is scorching.

    1. Thank you for the podcast suggestions! That's plenty to keep me busy! Good luck with your run tomorrow! I wish I could get myself up early enough to beat the heat. I'm lucky if I'm outside by 7:30.