Monday, July 20, 2015

Weekly Mileage Round-up

My mileage definitely dropped this week from last week.

My body was still feeling the effects of the wall painting and epic house cleaning so I rested today. 

I ran after work today and was not feeling the run.  I had orginally wanted to run 6-8 miles, but quickly into the run I shortened the distance.  I ran this run without music and did not focus on my Garmin. I tried to keep the pace at an easy run pace since my legs felt heavy.

4 miles

Post run I lifted weights and focused on biceps, triceps, and shoulders.

Wednesday was a little cooler and I was able to take Peyton for a run after work.  This run was a little slower than our usual pace. Peyton must have been planning on an "easy" (for her) run.

3 miles

Rest day!

I was super busy Friday so my workout was short and sweet. I took my mom to the doctor in the morning, and after a 5:30 am wake-up call I was pooped.  I ended up going for a 2 mile walk and made it home just before it started to pour.

My race was scheduled for 7:30 pm, so I had to do some planning regarding food and activity during the day. I went for a walk early on in the day and listened to Rich Roll's podcast.  He interviews different people across nutrition and endurance sports. He advocates for a plant-based diet and it is very interesting to me how many ultra runners and endurance athletes also adhere to this type of lifestyle.

The time came for the race and I warmed up and stretched prior to the run.  My race recap will be put up soon!

6.23 miles

I went for a shake-out run later than I had intended so it was already very hot. This forced me to really slow down and to run at an easy run pace.

5 miles

Total mileage: 16 plus walks
Strength workouts: 1 

Not the best week but my body was needing a break.  This week my goal is to get back into spin twice this week, strength training at least two times, and then a long run this weekend.

How was your weekend?

What are your goals this week?

What fruit have you been eating a lot of lately? (I'm going grocery shopping and looking for different fruits to snack on)

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  1. My goal is to run a 14-16 mile long run this weekend. I'm really hoping for 16 but will be okay with 14. It will be the longest distance I have run ever. I picked up sugar plums at the farmer's market today, they are yellowish plums and they are delicious. Sweet inside with a tart skin. If you can find them I definitely recommend them.