Friday, August 28, 2015

6 Things For This Friday and There's a Ryan Gosling Meme For EVERYTHING!

These first two weeks of school have been an absolute blur.  Between getting used to a whole new school, attempting to see all my kiddos (30+!) and TWO new evaluations, I'm exhausted.  Is it fall break yet? ;)

Coffee has made these past two weeks much better.

Wednesday was #NationalDogDay!  These two crazies definitely make my life a lot better.

I managed two whole runs this week.  I miss the time freedom of the summer.... This weekend while hopefully be full of long runs!

Sam Adams Oktoberfest is back.  Costco has a 28 pack for $25. Do it.

And not it's almost time to bust out the pumpkin!

Do you like the fall?

Tell me about your dogs!


  1. Waahhh I want dogs!! My puppological clock is ticking. No interest in babies, whatsoever, ever ever, but dogs? oh man. and horses.

    and i love the gosling memes. he's a dreamboat haha.

  2. Hahah! I totally agree about the lack of interest in babies. Why do you think I have two puppies!?