Monday, August 3, 2015

Monday Motivation and Weekly Rundown

I went for a 8 mile walk in the morning and then had my butt handed to me at spin class for 45 minutes.  I upped the resistance I had been using on the bike and saw the difference in the amount of sweat that puddled underneath me.  Am I the only one that drips buckets in spin class?

My first Track Tuesday! I ran 9 miles total today.  I had a good soreness in my legs after this speed session that lasted about two days.

I did the first 6 exercises from the p90x arm and shoulder workout.  No running today!

They wanted to play instead of workout.

I really did not want to run after work, but I told myself to at least try for an hour of running.  By the time I hit the 3 mile turnaround marker, I was extremely thirsty and wanted to run farther to the drinking fountain.  That added an extra mile each way but was definitely worth it.  I must not have had enough water while at work.

8 miles

My legs felt fresh today and I ran my favorite 10 mile loop.

10 miles

The best part of this loop is the amount of shade.

We've been hitting up the dog park frequently this week.  These two are joined at the hip and must do everything together.  

Despite there being a giant yard for them to play in, they lay together.

And they nap together.

I took a break from running today and did 30 minutes of p90x yoga.  I also did extra hip stretches and foam rolling afterward.

I did not have time to run my normal long run and had to condense it to under an hour. 

6 miles

We headed to Revolution Brewing in Logan Square for beers and brunch.

 I ordered the sausage and biscuits and Chris got the brisket omelet.  Both were fantastic!

Today's Motivation Monday features the photogenic runner.  The memes people have created from his original picture are hysterical.  If I only I could pull off a picture half as nice as this guy's.  I usually look like I'm dying.

Happy Monday!

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