Sunday, August 30, 2015

A Boredom Busting Treadmill Workout

Saturday was a very rainy day.  On and off pouring rain made it hard to sneak in a run.  I did try, but made it less than a mile away from home before darting home to avoid getting drenched.

1.88 miles is not a long enough run for my endurance loving legs.

I sadly made the walk of doom downstairs to the treadmill, turned on an episode of Orange is the New Black, and turned the treadmill on.

It took almost a mile for my legs no longer felt like death and were accustomed to the treadmill belt.

One of my favorite ways to cure treadmill boredom (besides watching a "treadmill only" tv show) is to complete an interval pyramid workout.

This is a super flexible workout that can be changed to meet your needs! I vary this pyramid often but including different speeds and different interval lengths.  It is my go to treadmill workout.

I continue to repeat the intervals until I have reached my goal mileage.

Saturday I ended up with 6 miles total (4.12 on the treadmill).

The rest of my gloomy, rainy Saturday was spent the best way possible. With puppy cuddles.

How was your weekend?

Do you run on the treadmill? How often?


  1. I WANT PUPPY CUDDLES. dangit I want a dog so badly!!!

    I don't have a treadmill, nor do i have a gym membership, so I haven't run on a treadmill in YEARS. but I also live in SoCal, which means the only weather that stops a run is the heat, and it just means I start earlier...

  2. I just can't do a treadmill. I few times I've pulled it off but I so hate it. If you give me the choice of going out in a 20 degree day with wind or run on the treadmill I pick the 0 degrees :)