Thursday, August 6, 2015

Thursday Rambles

Summer break is quickly coming to an end! I have less than 2 weeks left! It's been fun hanging out with these two bums.

How many apricots is too many apricots?

I went to the farmers market and got all this for $12!

These are my new favorite shorts.  They are definitely worth the Lululemon price tag. I used them for Track Tuesday and they didn't move and have a nice compression feature.  I am going to have to work some overtime to get them in different colors.

Chris and I have a goal of eating more meatless meals.  We tried this Coconut Sweet Potato Curry and it was wonderful.  Chris even liked it and he's not a big fan of beans.

The run on my schedule was an 8-10 medium pace run.  It was a perfect 70 degree morning and my legs felt good despite the track workout on Tuesday.  I started running on cruise control and my legs were moving.

10 miles

What are you up to today?

Do you like apricots?  I could eat that whole bowl in a day.


  1. I do like apricots! And of course the answer is there is no such thing as too many. :)

  2. What a deal! Man, I'm always so jealous of everyone's Farmers Market finds - there's only little dinky ones near me.

    1. Our Farmer's Markets have definitely grown around me. Since moving further from the city and closer to rural they have also gotten better with more variety.