Monday, August 24, 2015

Monday Motivation and the Weekly Rundown

This week started off rough to get any sort of miles in.  Monday was my first day back at work after summer break and finding a good schedule was tough.  I also experienced a lot of guilt when I couldn't or didn't run.  I find it strange that when I'm not following a training schedule it's harder for me to miss runs.  

This week my goal is to write in my schedule on an hourly planner so I can see where I have extra time to fit in a workout.

Off.  I took Augie for her last round of shots at the vet which made me miss spin.  I was very sad about that one.

I had planned to run to the track for some speed work, but that plan was cancelled by the band practicing on the entire field and track.  Whomp whomp.  I ended up with a to the track and back moderate run.

5.5 miles


I took the pups to the dog park for an hour before I went for my run. Another easy, slow run as my body is still not digging the real work schedule.

5 miles


14 miles!!!! I needed a long run and a long run was what I got.  I definitely went into a flow during this run.  I felt so good during the run that halfway I decided to run the second half at race pace.

14 miles
First Half: 8:25/mile Second Half: 8:01/mile

The forecast was for rain Sunday morning and I had planned to turn around if it became too bad.  I ran this run easy and fought the urge to speed up.  I got lucky and it didn't start to rain until 10 minutes after I got home!

9 miles

Total Miles: 33.5
Strength: 0 ...whoops....

Do you feel guilty if you don't run?

How were your runs last week?


  1. I definitely feel guilty. I was supposed to run yesterday and I didn't. I was SO TIRED from the day before, and honestly i'm still tired today hahaha. But overall my runs were good! thursday was rough, just because wednesday was fast. but overall it was good :)

    1. Fatigue is one of the biggest reasons I may miss a run too! I truly believe when you're tired you need a rest day!

  2. I definitely feel guilty but I'm learning to feel less guilty. Lately when I've been missing runs it's because my body needs a break and I need to learn that's okay. 3-4 runs per week is my limit right now. Once I start doing more the quality is reduced so I'm learning quality over quantity.

    My runs this last week were great. Went to all 3 of my team practices and a spin class. And got a nice 15.5 mile run in yesterday and surprisingly my body isn't dead from it.

    1. Congrats on the 15.5 mile run! That's awesome you're feeling pretty good afterwards! Tell me you secrets on how you can feel less guilty! I have a really hard time getting past the guilt feeling.

  3. For sure I feel guilty when I miss a run. But I find that's the best time for a reality check: life happens sometimes and that's okay!! We are not lesser people because we miss a run here and there.

    1. I love this comment! Not only are we not lesser people for missing a run, we also will not lose any fitness! Taking a day off when needed is good for us!