Tuesday, April 28, 2015

How to Set Running Goals

Runner's World put out a new post on how to set good running goals. It is adapted from Meb's new book Running for Mortals and it is his five step plan to achieve your goals.


1. A Good Goal Has a Personal Meaning
 Your goals are for you.  They are not to meet other people's expectations.  Having internal motivation pushed you towards a desired outcome (source)." When you hit a tough stretch, either physically or mentally, if the goal you’re working toward has deep significance for you, you’ll find a way to persevere. But if someone else thrust the goal upon you, when you hit tough stretches, you’re going to think, 'Wait, why am I doing this?'"

2. A Good Goal is Specific
The article suggests making a specific goals without ambiguity.   "I want to sub-4." "I want to run the whole race without walking." "I am going to run a BQ." Personally, I'm very motivated by the numbers surrounding my runs; the pace, the mileage.  Instead of me saying I want to run faster, I'll make a goal to hit a certain pace during my runs to have a concrete goal to work towards.

3. A Good Goal is Challenging But Realistic
"Your goals should require you to reach outside your comfort zone while remaining within the realm of possibility."  What do you truly believe you can attain in the allotted amount of time? Do self reflection and really think about what is possible for you.
4. A Good Goal Has a Time Element
My race is in X amount of days, so I need to be ready!  Having a "deadline" will help keep you going.  Even something simple like making a mileage or time goal for the week will keep you working hard and moving towards your goals.  For me, knowing that I have a race to complete on a certain day gives me motivation and pushes me to work hard towards my race goals.

5. A Good Goal Keeps You Motivated
Making goals will keep you honest.  I find that having something written down within your sight a few times a day helps remind you what you're working for.  The article also suggest telling others your goals can help make you accountable.  "Friends and family will also support you when you inevitably hit the rough patches.

Here's today's run:

4 miles easy

The easy pace felt good on my legs today after pushing the pace for Sunday's long run.  Afterwards I took Peyton for a 2.5 mile walk and then spent LOTS of time stretching and foam rolling.

What goal or race are you working towards?

Do you enjoy doing easy runs?  How often do you run easy per week?

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog today!

    Those a great suggestions not just for running, but for any goal setting! I do really enjoy easy runs. I usually do 2 per week and then one tempo, one speed work day, and one long run.

    1. And thank you for paying me a visit! I love your blog! Your training sounds very similiar to what I'm scheduled to do as well.