Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Peyton's New Personal Best

Peyton has had tons of pent up energy this week.  It's hard to get it all out since we are in a townhome without a fenced in yard.  I try to take her for a run at least once a week and we also take her to a dog park near by.

I had six miles on the schedule today.  So far the further Peyton has run with me is 5.5, so I thought I'd take her along and stay close to home so I could drop her off if needed.  I always keep on eye on her pace and how she is running to tell how she is doing.  Also, I never take music with me on my runs so I can be alert to what is around us so neither of us gets hurt on the run.

She was a trooper and stayed with me the whole time!

6 miles

A new personal best for Peyton and a great 6 miler for me!

The rest of our day will be spent cuddling on the couch!

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