Wednesday, April 22, 2015

My Gloves Are Cursed and a Lonely Run

No joke.

Every time I wash my running gloves with the plan to put them away for the season, it gets cold.  This happened a few weeks ago.  And again it happened today.  Sorry Chicago.

Today was also super windy.  We've had 20-30 mph winds yesterday and today.  That must have convinced everyone else to stay inside as I only saw 2 people while I was out running.  2.  I run on a busy limestone path, so seeing 2 people was strange.  And lonely.  

I took off my music at the beginning of this run as 1. I couldn't hear it anyways through the wind and 2. I like to run without music a few times a week to work on my mental toughness, increase my awareness of my form, and to simply enjoy what is around me.

6 miles

Today I took the easy run very seriously and focused on slowing down to recover from yesterday's workout. 

Tell me about your run today!

Who is having good weather? (so I can be super jealous)


  1. I'm so glad I had yoga today. Tomorrow I get to do speedwork, so all I have to say is that those winds had better die down! :)

    1. Lucky! It was rough out there. Those other two people looked miserable. I can only imagine how I looked.

  2. Those winds are making us tough as well. I agree that it's nice to run without music, as I am more aware of my surroundings, also so I can hear If I am breathing too hard.

    1. The wind sure is! It's like adding in strength training to our cardio workout! I've found that I almost like running with no music better. It really lets your mind wander!