Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The Shamrock Shuffle 8k Race Recap

The Shamrock Shuffle 8k is a race I look forward to running year after year.  Yesterday was my third time participating in the race.

What makes an 8k so wonderful?  It mirrors part of the Chicago Marathon route.  You get to run down State Street and Michigan Ave.  You cross over the Chicago River which has beautiful views down the river at the awe-inspiring architecture of this wonderful city.  You push through the only hill on the course on Roosevelt right before flying downhill into the finish.  That last section always gives me chills envisioning my fast finish at my next Chicago Marathon!

We went down to the expo Saturday to pick up my bib, race shirt, and peruse through some free samples. 

I am loving the race shirt this year! 

We scored some good samples including not pictured free beer and wine! My husband only comes with to race expos for some free snacks, so the beer made him a happy man!

This year I had high hopes for a new 8K PR, hoping to crush my last time and finish in 35 minutes flat.

Saturday night my body had different plans for me.

After falling asleep early, my body woke up for 2 hours with intense stomach pain that refused to ease up.  After sleeping for less than 4 hours with continued stomach pains, I decided to forgo my PR plans and just enjoy the race.

My wave started at 8:30.  My corral stepped over the start line at 8:49 and I was off!  As soon as I started moving my tummy troubles were out of my mind.  It was a cold and windy day.  We were fortunate enough to start with a strong tail wind to get us all warmed up.  Turning south turned treacherous; at times the wind blew so hard I felt like I was going backwards.  I powered through and before I knew it we made our turn onto Michigan Ave. for the final mile.  The only hill of the race lies in the last half mile and then a fast downhill sprint to the end!

That time feels good with all things considered: lack of sleep, upset stomach, and wind.

The Shamrock Shuffle definitely kicks off the racing season in Chicago and has me looking forward to chasing new PRs this year!


  1. Congrats on the speedy time despite not being 100%!

    1. Thanks Pete! I think with that weather a lot of us weren't feeling 100%.