Thursday, April 23, 2015

Thursday Ramblings

Random thoughts from today:

1.We did an art project at school today with eye droppers, colored water, glue, and salt.  The kids loved it!

2. My hands are cracking horribly from this weather change.  My knuckles are beat up and bloody.  It looks like I got into a fight.

3. After my 22 mile run Sunday I have been incredibly hungry, eating everything in sight.  Today was the first day I finally feel normal.

4. I need to do more yoga.  My hips have gotten super tight.  I could use a good, prolonged stretch.

5. We're considering getting a second dog.  I would love a Australian Shepard mix or Husky mix.  There are lots of homeless pets at the shelters now and tons of puppies!  Peyton does great with other dogs and I think she would like the company.

6. Speaking of dogs, dachshunds really like to be underneath blankets and to burrow.  Yesterday Peyton attempted to get underneath Chris' sweatshirt.  She was half successful.

7. I LOVE to read.  That being said, I got a call today from the library that I have three books on hold.  THREE.  I went a little hold happy on their website last week.

Peyton joined me on my run today.

4 miles

8 x 10 second hill sprints on treadmill
10% incline, 9.3 mph

Nothing beats a quick, under an hour workout!


  1. I love your speed workout- I might have to try it next week!

    1. I definitely cannot take any credit for it, I'm just following my training plan. But nothing beats speed work done in under 3 minutes!

  2. Oh go with an Australian Shepherd. I have two friends with them and they are great dogs.

    1. That is the way I'm leaning. They're supposed to be very smart dogs too!