Sunday, April 12, 2015

Weekend Runs, A Sick Dog, and Game of Thrones

Friday we had 20-30 mph wind speeds and were under a wind advisory.  Me, being the smarty that I am, started my run without even realizing the wind was blowing as much as it was.  Until I turned west.  And then the wind was blowing so hard that I was trying really hard to move forward, but I'm pretty sure I was staying in one place.  All my neighbors were laughing at me.

Image result for running into the wind
This is pretty much what I looked like.  Minus the umbrella.

I finished up my second mile and went home.  So my Friday run had to be changed to a Saturday run.

7 miles, last 10 minutes moderate (about 7:30/mile)

It was a gorgeous day which made the run that much better.  We spent the rest of the day cleaning the house and then went to a trivia night with Chris' family.  Low key is my style.

Today I had a jam packed day scheduled so I got up early to drink my multiple cups of coffee prior to my aimed 8 am start. 

I love coffee so much I couldn't even wait for the picture to happen.  That was also my second cup.  I have a problem.  The CLIF Shot Bloks were brought on the run with me so I can practice my fueling for the race in ONLY 5 WEEKS!

Peyton ended up getting sick twice before I left, so that was fun.  She normally doesn't throw up or feel sick so she was down for the count for a little while this morning.

She was very cuddly for a little while there.  Once she felt a little better I bolted out the door for my long run.

14 miles @ race pace

Ok. So let's talk about that "race pace" first.  I haven't run a marathon in almost 3 years.  I had taken some time off to rest my legs and in the same period of time got engaged and married.  Currently, I have no idea what to expect out of myself in May.  I know I am faster, but I also know a 7:53 minute pace is not going to happen.  My goal for this run was to push myself for an extended period of time to get used to having tired legs.  My goal pace leaving my front door was an 8 minute mile.  My legs felt fresh despite running yesterday and I ran according to feel.  I was tired at the end of the 14 miles so I think this run served it's purpose.

I also broke my half marathon PR by about 16 minutes with the half completed in 1:43:26! I'm very excited about that as well!

I took the CLIF bloks every three miles and ended up taking 6 bloks total.

The only hill on my run and it's a doozy.  It's about a half mile incline climb just to get to that point.

Remember those blue flowers from last week?  There are TONS more now! It's incredible how much growth happened in only 7 days.

As soon as I got home, I made boiled and chicken for the sick Peyton and was out the door to a bridal walk with my friend who is getting married next May! Today had perfect weather for it and we spent about 4 hours walking around and enjoying the day.

Next up?  We are counting the hours until Game of Thrones!

We always host our group of friends at our place.  Once the season ends we are always counting down to next year!

Who else had a great long run this weekend?

Any other GOT fans?

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