Sunday, April 19, 2015

Long Run Success!

Thank you baby Jesus!


Today's long run was a success!!

Last night we went out to celebrate a friend's birthday with Tapas.  Delicious, yes.  Conductive to a successful long run the next morning? Maybe not.  Just like during the Shamrock Shuffle, I had some stomach issues while running.  To be honest, I was ready to turn around from the start.  I forced myself to keep moving, to at least give myself a chance.  With lots of pep talk, I continued onward and was soon at the halfway point (I tend to run there and back routes).  I definitely felt the run with 11 miles under my belt, but I turned around and took it easy while I tried to distract myself with plans for the week ahead.  About mile 16 the stomach pains were worse.  Water helped slightly, but I suffered through 6 more miles.

22 miles

If I could do that, I can succeed at my marathon, right?

At least it was a beautiful day with gorgeous landscapes:


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