Tuesday, April 7, 2015

I Think I Can

All of my students are grumpy today.  I don't know if it's because the sky is grey and it's cold and rainy, or if it's a post spring break hangover.

It's making me grumpy. 

It even makes playing Candy Land less fun. Is that even possible?

Today was my first day running after two long, enjoyable rest days!  My legs felt fresh and I was ready for my tempo run.  Since my kids were so grumpy, I spent a lot of time today thinking about what pace I wanted for my tempo and visualizing my run.

I've been spending a lot more time lately thinking about paces and planning runs.  I also always try think positively at the beginning of my run and tell myself that I'm going to have a great run.  It seems to be working.  Nothing like the power of positive thought.

10 miles
2 miles easy, 6 miles tempo (HM pace), 2 miles easy
7:43/ mile average

My tempo miles were as follows: 7:40, 7:29, 7:19, 7:20, 7:19, 7:17.  It took a little while for me to get my pace consistent.  My goal was for 7:20ish miles.  I'd say I did pretty good at achieving that.

On this grey day I leave you with Peyton.  She was trying to get herself underneath that blanket.  

Life is sure hard without opposable thumbs...

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