Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Cross Training for Runners

Chris and I joined a gym this past weekend! We signed up for the recreation center in our town.  It’s a new facility that was built last year and it is fantastic! There’s an indoor walking and running track, a lap pool, classes, and tons of cardio and strength training equipment.

My goal for this year was to be more consistent with strength training and trying to throw in cross training when I could.  

And that hasn't really happened.

I’ve been able to take a long walk with Peyton 1-2 times a week and occasionally I will hop on the spin bike at home.  I’ve only been strength training 1 time a week. Oops.

I'm hoping this gym membership will rekindle my love for cross training, lifting weights, and, most of all, SPIN CLASS.

Yesterday I completed 30 minutes on the elliptical and then headed over to the weights to do a few back exercises.  My posture has been slacking lately after sitting in front of a computer completing all my end of the school year paperwork.  Yesterday I did lat pull downs, assisted pull-ups, and assisted tricep dips.  I finished up my workout with 13 minutes on the stair climber.  I climbed 157 flights of stairs!

What a horribly blurry picture.

Today my lats are super sore from yesterday's workout.

Today Peyton and I went outside to enjoy the nice weather and ended up walking 6 miles!

Seriously. It was beautiful outside!

I quickly ate dinner and then headed to spin. Holy crap was my butt kicked.  17.2 miles in 45 minutes.  Our resistance ranged from 11-16.  I think there was a puddle of sweat underneath my bike.

Did you know cycling is one of the best cross training for runners? It works the quadriceps which are not heavily worked during running.  It also targets the outer hips and the glutes to help keep your hips from going outwards as you run.

One the biggest ways to help avoid injuries is by working on muscle imbalances.  Cross training allows us to strength not worked (or over worked) by running.

Do you cross train? What do you do? How often?

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