Friday, May 15, 2015

How I Relax Before A Marathon

Running marathons makes me nervous.  I start to get race anxiety a few days before the run and have a lot of butterflies the morning of the marathon.  Finding ways to keep my mind occupied can help relieve the stress and anxiety associated with racing.  This is a list of how I like to keep my mind occupied instead of getting anxious and worrying about the marathon on Sunday.  

1.  Paint my nails.  Seriously.  First off, painting them keeps my mind busy as I try hard to not smudge them.  Second, for a reason unknown to me, looking at them during the race keeps me occupied (probably as I search for chips).  HRG also does this so you know it’s the right thing to do.

2.  Read.  I read everything.  It’s hard for me to find a book I don’t like.  Reading helps me fall asleep at night by quietly my mind.  Everything that I have thought about during the day is forgotten for the time being and thus reading also helps me fall asleep.  Currently, I am reading She’s Come Undone by Wally Lamb.  
     3. Look at the course map ahead of time and get familiar with it.  I like to have an idea of where the turns are and if it is a point to point or loop course.  
4. Binge watch tv shows.  I have a long list of shows to catch up on with Netflix, HBO GO, and on our DVR.  Watching tv (or reading!) = more time off your feet and on the couch = well rested legs for the marathon.  Very scientific.

     5. Review my training logs and think about all the times I’ve succeeded and all the times I’ve stumbled.  Acknowledging the parts of training that were hard for me and reliving my successes will help me overcome any possible hurdles on Sunday.  It will prepare me beforehand to deal with it rather than attempting to find a solution in the moment.  

     6. Walk with Peyton.  Since my running mileage has decreased, I need to expend energy and relax through another outlet.  Taking (short) walks and listening to a podcast or just listening to nature helps me remain calm.

Today I finished my final training run before race day on Sunday! I focused on 9 minute miles and keep my pace slow and relaxed. 

4 miles

What do you do leading up to your race to help you feel rested?

What tv show is your favorite right now?

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