Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Rock n Roll DC

So we stayed up a little too late last night watching the Blackhawks and the Ducks in game 5.  Nothing gets my heart racing like playoff hockey.  Toews with 2 goals in 1:12?!? The Hawks are down 3-2 in the series.  Wednesday night's game is here in Chicago so I'm hoping we go to game 7!

In running news...

I am officially signed up for my next marathon: Rock N Roll DC

This race is March 12, 2016 and it is on my birthday! I cannot wait to start off my 29th year by finishing another marathon.

I have not been to Washington DC before, and I looking forward to getting a grand tour on my own two feet.

I also have my eye on a fall marathon.  My two options are:

1. Fox Valley Marathon.  This is located in beautiful St. Charles, IL in September.  The course runs a long the Fox River.  The course brings you through Batavia, Aurora, and Geneva.  St. Charles has one of the best downtown areas and would have great options for a post race meal!

2. Naperville Marathon.  This race located in Naperville, IL is run in early November.  What I love about Naperville is that it offers a great downtown, beautiful homes in the neighborhood, and a great forest preserve, all of which you get to run through.

Or possibly both.  Most likely both.  Especially with this Fall Distance Challenge.  I am all about an extra medal.

I am hoping to find some fun half marathons to complete as well.  I am trying to talk some friends (cough, cough) into running a half (or two) with me!

Any locals ever run either the Fox Valley or Naperville marathons? What did you think?

Have you run a RNR race before?

Would you do anything for an extra medal? 

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