Wednesday, May 6, 2015

12 Signs You Should Run a Marathon

Today is a day off from running and thank goodness for that! Is anyone else really tired? I’ve been exhausted all week.  Normally I am ready to start my week on Monday morning.  This week, however, I have been hoping for the weekend since I woke up Monday.  Yikes.

Peyton and I went out for a long walk to enjoy the nice weather we've been having.  I let her off leash in the areas of the trail where there were no people around.  She did a great job and always came back when called.  She must be maturing in her old age of 2.

I found this great article while I was at work today titled 12 Signs You're the Kind of Person That Should Run a Marathon Regardless of How Far You've Run Before. Anything that starts off with stating that all runners have a certain level of insanity has my attention.  The 12 signs are:

1. You are perfectly happy hanging out by yourself.

2. You are inherently patient 

3. You are competitive, but mostly with yourself 

4. You are not easily intimidated 

5. You aren’t afraid of exploring strange places 

6. You are not emotionally attached to your toenails 
Ok, well may not emotionally attached...

7. You are a forward thinker 

8. You consider weather a challenge, not a deterrent 
When you live in the Chicago area, you have to.

9. You’re a little bit of a masochist 

10. You’ve always got a little bit more in the tank after a run 

11. You enjoy running for running’s sake 

12. You can make it past the first mile
Which is truly always the hardest part.

Anything you would add to that list?

What did you do outdoors today?

What is for dinner? (I'm hungry and don't know what to make...)


  1. How about "you like to collect medals and technical t-shirts" or "you don't mind the occasional chafing"?!

    1. Ha! I love it. Or collecting piles of used running shoes.