Thursday, May 14, 2015

Thursday Rambles

1.       I am so far behind on my Runner’s World reading.  The most current magazine I am on is from September 2014. Oops.  I guess that is what summer break will be for.

2.        The weather for Sunday does not look good.  Currently, there is an 80% chance of rain.  My fingers are crossed that the rain will come after 11 am. Thank goodness Runner's Recipes just posted some great tips about running in the rain!

3.       I have had to skip lunch twice this week because I have been so busy.  The end of the year is meeting after meeting while trying to fit in all my treatment time with kids.  Skipping lunch is very unlike me.

4. Did you know that only 0.5% of the US population has run a marathon?  Of that 0.5%, about a quarter will run sub-4.

5.These potato chips from Costco are incredible.  Seriously.  They are sea salt and black pepper, but also have garlic powder and jalepeno powder listed as ingredients.  They have a small kick from the jalepenos (though mostly because I ate about 30 of them) and taste a little bit like sour cream and onion chips.

6. Speaking of chips, I like to put tortilla chips on my salad. I love the crunch and the saltiness.  Am I the only one that does this?

7. These.

8. Peyton is creeping on us while we get ready in the morning.

9. Pete B. made this awesome pace band. I am totally stealing his idea and making one for Sunday. Best part is that it will be waterproof with the use of the tape!

10. Because I have not run as much this week as I normally do, yesterday was the only day I have washed my hair.  Dry shampoo has been a god send and I am so happy to have time saved in the morning!

11. Peyton is such a little lady crossing her legs.

Ok. So that was mostly about food.  Apparently I'm very hungry lately.

Today Peyton and I did my second to last run before race day.

4 miles

We spent a lot of time running on the grass to save her feet and my legs were very happy with that.  I love running with my sweet little running dog, but I think tomorrow I will go by myself and shoot for 9 minute miles.  I can easily get caught up in her enthusiasm and run faster than I had planned.

Tell me something about your Thursday!

What are you favorite potato chips?

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