Thursday, May 7, 2015

Thursday Ramblings

1. Looking at this list is giving me major race envy. 

2. I am working on getting all the grocery shopping done for mother’s day on Sunday.  Chris and I are hosting both our mom’s at our house and I want it to be really nice for both of them!

3.  The schools I am in are counting down the final days by using the alphabet.  Today is “I.” Summer break is SO close!

4. On that note, I am so happy I changed jobs when I did.  I almost have a position lined up for next school year as well! Whoop whoop!                

5. I went to bed at 9 pm yesterday.  I was really tired.

6. I really like drinks.

Especially drinks in purple containers.

7.  I already have pretty rad runner’s tan lines.  I tried switching my Garmin to my other wrist during my walk yesterday to help even out my watch tan line.

8. We are joining the pool this year.  Memorial Day cannot come soon enough! A date with a comfy pool chair, the sun, and a book is calling my name.

9. Peyton woke me up by laying her head on my neck and licking my chest.  Aren't dogs just the best?  Though it's probably pay back for making her do things like this:

It was hilarious at the time.

10. I am loving Dead Wake by Erik Larson.  His books are fantastic.  He has a wonderful way to writing non-fiction that is easily read, informative, yet not excessive.

So I said Tuesday was my last speed work day. I was wrong.  Today I officially wrapped it up with my final set of hill sprints!

4 miles easy

10 x 10 seconds hill sprints 
done on treadmill 12% incline, 9.3 mph

It was not difficult to take the run easy today as the high was in the upper 80s today. 

I'm getting a little worried about the state of running shoes.  They have a number of miles of them already and they are starting to feel like they are ready to retire.  With less than a week and a half to go, I'm not sure if it's smart to changes shoes at this time.  I'm thinking I will start breaking my new shoes in and just see how they feel next week.

Do you dress up your dog?

How many miles do you get out of your running shoes?

What good book have you read recently?

Tell me something about your Thursday!


  1. Usually I get about 350 miles on my shoes. I like to rotate a few different pairs so that iM never starting off with a completely new pair. I am so excited that it is almost summer! I continue to work in the summer but my job is way more flexible once the kids are out of school.

    And I can usually be found carrying multiple drinks around as well- especially in the morning, its coffee, a smoothie, and water!

    1. I probably get 350-400 miles out of my shoes. The miles sure add up quick! I will be working this summer as well, but not at school. I have a registry job where I only go in as needed. These are my exact three drinks as well!